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Keynote Speaker

Catylyst Founder and CEO, Jeff Lucier offers relevant and timely keynotes on topics that matter to your business or organization.

That old adage, companies and event planners don’t hire technical professionals as speakers, they hire exceptional storytellers and interesting people couldn’t be closer to the truth with Jeff Lucier.


A noted speaker, facilitator, coach and entertaining storyteller, Jeff has a knack for bringing a dry technical topic to life and his ability to add colour and “ripped from reality” stories to pragmatic HR and business issues has been well noted.

Jeff speaks on a wide variety of HR topics and has recently been on the road with his new presentation on team performance.

Other recent presentations have included:

  • Lead Or Watch Them Leave – Practical Strategies for Managing Millennials and Gen Z in Today’s Workplace 

  • Advocates, Allies and Adversaries – Why Great Works Isn’t Enough to Get Ahead Today

  • Building Trust, A Critical, Yet Much Overlooked Must Have For High Performing Teams

For more information on booking Jeff as a speaker at your next event, please reach out to us:


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