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Our Manifesto

Leaders face unprecedented challenges in today’s business environment

The business environment has shifted more in the past three years than it has in the past three decades. Leaders today face a myriad of challenges in driving growth, efficiency and results in highly competitive growth sectors.

We believe that to neglect talent at any level is to waste both company time and money, two factors that can never be regained. Companies that invest in their leaders and teams will ultimately see material gains in their businesses.


Make no mistake, great leaders are the ultimate competitive advantage.

Most leadership development companies know what they do and how they do it, but Catylyst is more interested in the “why”.

Why we do what we do.

And why we work with the clients that we work with.

At Catylyst, our “why” is simple. We believe in the responsibility and privilege of leadership. The opportunity to bring an industry, a team, a customer to new places. Places that they didn’t even see or know were possible.

We believe that leadership is not for everyone, but every professional who embarks on this journey deserves data driven, results oriented best practises in leadership development.

Our clients have “skin in the game” and understand that to succeed, they must invest in leadership development to step entirely into their full potential.

Our approach

The double sevens in our logo were deliberately chosen for their symbolic meaning, and reflect how we approach our work and our clients. Sevens are all about knowledge, understanding and action.

  • The first 7 represents those seeking knowledge and understanding of the world at large.

  • The second 7 represents action – the ignition of that knowledge and understanding, and the spark that drives personal and professional growth.


Interested in acquiring the knowledge and understanding of the skill sets that you and your team need to affect change and drive career growth and business results?

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